Mozambique Charity Ride

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  • Charity Ride
  • Submitted by : Andy Freeman & NJ Freeman
  • Photo credits: Annemarie Wheeler, Joey Roux, Kobus van den Berg and YazzieZA
  • Event banner: Lauren Morrell.


The tropical depression reared it ugly head on the 4 March 2019 in the Indian Ocean far off the east coast of Africa. As a full scale Intense Tropical Cyclone, Idai slammed into the east coast of Mozambique near the town of Beira on the 15 March, low lying land inland of the river delta was turned into an inland sea, drowning homes, crops, animals and humans. As the cyclone barreled westwards it brought strong winds and intense rain to the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe, triggering floods and mudslides, with further loss of life and homes.

Similar effects were felt in the south of Malawi. More than 1000 people lost their lives in the areas involved, and hundreds of thousands left homeless, without food or water, and only the clothes on their backs. A major humanitarian crisis began to unfold, and something needed to be done. Relief aid started to trickle in, while helicopter crews rescued thousands of stranded people.

Thus it was, on a cool and clear Sunday morning in April, that the bikers began to gather. The sister Harley-Davidson® dealerships of Pretoria, Johannesburg and Clearwater began to hum. H.O.G.® members and other bikers carried out final checks on their bikes and the loads they carried. Briefing was done for the routes to be ridden, and safety of the pack riders. The three packs would be making their own way to the assembly point south of Pretoria, and then join up for a final, massed ride to Pretoria Harley-Davidson.

There is always an air of excitement on a pack ride, but today the vibe was different….this was for a CAUSE. The three packs came together, final briefings were carried out by the Road Captain of the day, and marshals and biker buddy’s assigned their duties. The large pack of about 100 bikes moved off, cruising the highways and byways of Pretoria until it arrived at Pretoria Harley-Davidson. There the bikers offloaded their bags of clothing, food and medicine into the donation box provided. Similar boxes were filled to the brim at each of the other dealerships, and would be delivered to the Gift of The Givers in Johannesburg for distribution to those less fortunate in Mozambique.

Then it was a time for greeting old friends, making new ones, and exchanging experiences from the ride. Sunday 14 April 2019 would be remembered for a long time. It is this sort of camaraderie that makes H.O.G. riders from all over the world tick…. helping those less fortunate and in need of assistance.

The Moz Relief Run 2019 was the initiative of Dr. Moji Mogare, a well known H.O.G. member and rider, and delivery of the donated items facilitated by Gift of the Givers Foundation in Johannesburg.

So many people contributed generously to this worthy cause! We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Clearwater H.O.G. Chapters as well as the Free Chapter East Rand and the non-affiliated riders. Thank you also to Fanie Haarhoff for taking this project on and promoting the participation of his dealerships.

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R to L: Dr. Moji Mogare (event initiator) with Robinson Mbuyane