International Female Ride Day 2018

  • International Event

In Charitable support of Cancer

Cancer has touched all of us: A friend, family member or self a survivor.  But cancer is grabbing all around us…it crawls under the skin and eats away is a hell of an illness, a scary illness and somewhere someone is fighting the battle against this life changing horror.

Our wheels roll with rainbow colours, the atmosphere laughter with a tear – the ladies all over the world roar their bikes for support of this.  The ride to Pretoria in unity runs in the mind of all we lost – so many have lost this battle…underneath my helmet a tear gets cold on my cheek…and the stop to let balloons form pictures in the sky makes me feel small, lost and heart sore.  I know it is not only me that look up to see the dance in the feel the love for those who is no more.

Proudly we start our bikes again…and let the pipes' roar fill the air
We salute you Cancer survivors, we bow to those not here
A Harley® care memory stays in the wings we wear
Ride with us to take the day and show you care.

Sulette Thompson

International Female Ride Day 2018

International Female Ride Day 2018 was formally organised by the events company Lady Bikers SA in 2013.  Previously during 2013 & 2014 participation was centred on Cape Town; however the demand for participation were streaming in from ladies residing in other towns who wanted to take part.  With determination and careful planning IFRD became one of the most popular attended rides.  This International annual event celebrated its 12th successful ride day, and was founded by Vicky Gray from Canada.
International Female Ride Day 2018 was hosted in 11 towns and cities in South Africa this year under the flag of Lady Bikers SA, with more than 450 lady riders in appearance, to do justice to the motto of the day…”JUST RIDE”.!

The event has grown every year

  • 2015 - 6 towns
  • 2016 - 6 towns
  • 2017 - 9 towns
  • 2018 - girls in a total of 11 towns & regions

Lady Bikers SA in the normal run of business, over time, appointed convenors all across the country to take care of the logistics in different towns and cities, and these ladies outdid themselves in putting together awesome rides and activities in conjunction with sponsoring Harley -Davidson® Dealerships.  Everyone’s support and participation is much appreciated.

Gauteng Chapters

Annamie le Grange, Ladies Of Harley® Officer from H.O.G. Pretoria Chapter being the Lady Bikers SA Convener Gauteng central, took the massive task on her shoulders, to combine IFRD 2018 for Pretoria with a charity ride for Cancervive, AND to combine the IFRD Events for H.O.G. Pretoria, Johannesburg, Clearwater and Goldrand Chapters, all into one massive Event.  Needless to say, that the Traffic Police had to assist with the pack of almost 200 bikes, this count on par with the 2017 attendance.

Western Cape Chapters

Lady Bikers SA Convener for the Cape - Irina Mink Ladies Of Harley® Officer from H.O.G. Cape Town Chapter saw lady riders coming out in full force, with 52 ladies starting off from H-D Tyger Valley and 26 from H-D Cape Town.  Both packs undertaking scenic pack rides from their starting points to all meet up for breakfast at Fish Hoek beach Bistro, where friendships were celebrated and everyone enjoyed themselves - great time was had by all.  Both packs were marshalled by a strong core of very competent and skilled lady riders.

Going National!

H.O.G. Africa were the sponsors of the event for the past 3 years, which is also supported by all the Harley-Davidson dealerships in South Africa – for which all the ladies are very grateful.  By no means are IFRD a Harley-Davidson enthusiast only event, all ladies, on all makes and models of motorcycles participate in this ride with great enthusiasm, and look forward to it with much anticipation each year.

  • Article submission:  Sonja Van Der Sandt
  • Editor:  Angelique Dermit
Bloemfontein. Photographer: Gerhard Grobler
Cape Town. Photographer Irina Mink
Clearwater. Photographer: Mike de Kock
Johannesburg. Photographer: Jose Reborao
Pretoria. Photographer Diana Amaro
Photography: Siren Leo
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