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Harley Officer Training 2017

H.O.G. Africa hosted the 2017 Chapter Directors meeting and HOG Officer Training (HOT) last weekend in Gauteng in October. Chapter directors together with 90 chapter officers from all over South Africa, Namibia and Mauritius participated in the interactive meetings and discussions.

The sessions were fun, and everyone had the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with other chapter members. There was a frank discussion of experiences and opinions on how each chapter resolves its challenges. It proved a great opportunity to exchange new ideas for the region with other members and with H.O.G. Africa.

All attendees will receive a full report with meeting minutes and presentations per e mail.

I would like to thank all the attendees for their collaboration and valuable input in order to find new ways to enhance the H.O.G. membership in South Africa.

For more photos, please see our Facebook album

Sue Nagel
Consumer Experience Manager Southern Africa

Organising Chapter: 

H.O.G.® Africa