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Battle of the Potjie Kings 2018

  • Harley-Davidson® Event

This year saw The Western Cape H.O.G.® Chapters taking part in the 3rd annual “Battle of the Potjie Kings”.  Nine teams went head-to-head to compete for the title and bragging rights of being the ultimate Potjie Champions!  Luckily we enjoyed splendid weather with plenty of sunshine and minimal wind, providing the ideal conditions for cooking up the perfect Potjiekos.

The 9 teams that competed were:

  • H.O.G.® Cape Town Chapter
  • H.O.G.® Tyger Valley Chapter
  • H.O.G.® Breede River Chapter
  • The Free Chapter
  • NAFI Chapter
  • SOGS
  • The Green Team
  • Harley-Davidson® Cape Town (men)
  • Harley-Davidson® Cape Town (ladies)
  • Harley-Davidson® Tyger Valley

The earliest team to hit the scene (and winner of the Team Spirit award) was the H.O.G. Tyger Valley Chapter, who had their fires burning before 7am!  Not long after that, the NAFI Chapter arrived and from there the teams came pouring in.  The smell of wood fires, spices, toasting onion and meat tantilised passers by.  Pots ranged from traditional Moroccan, to lamb knuckles, curry and more.  What a feast!

Each team gave it their all and by the time the judges arrived, all 9 teams were ready to present their potjies in their own unique way. 

The team to snatch the title of Potjie Kings for 2018 was the Harley-Davidson® Cape Town Ladies team - congratulations and everyone agreed, a well-deserved win!  The ladies made an authentic Moroccan pot with dried apricots and finished it off with a homemade Moroccan dessert of semolina cake tinged with pine nuts and hints of orange.

H.O.G. Breede River Chapter won the “Best Dressed Table” award for their Moroccan setup where the judges sat in a curtained booth on a carpeted floor around a small table, being served their potjie in magnificent crockery while incense burned in the background.  A special mention to the H.O.G. Cape Town Chapter who competed for the first time this year and went all out with their décor too!

Thank Yous

A massive thank-you to our independent judges for making the time to come and be a part of this annual event!  Judging performed by: Henry Steel (renowned musician in his own right and session guitarist for Karen Zoid amongst others), Stèfan Meintjes (qualified chef and owner of Die Damhuis restaurant in Melkbos) and KC Royal (lead singer and guitarist for The Ratrod Cats as well as a self-proclaimed master braaier).

The Tyger Tavern upstairs at the dealership put great effort into making rice and pap for everyone, as well as keeping visitors hydrated throughout the day.  A special mention to the team from Durbanville Craft Breweries for having a van outside to make sure that potjie team members were kept hydrated too!

Thank you of course to each team that took part, and to all the riders who stopped by throughout the day to enjoy the fun with us!  We trust that you’ll all be back again next year for great food and great company!

  • Submission:  Ash Vos
  • Photography: Madeleine May & Liesl Strauss and the H.O.G. Tyger Valley Photographers Corp
  • Extract from:  Harley-Davidson®  Tyger Valley Dealership news pages.
Hosts H.O.G. Tyger Valley