ABCs of Touring - Hermien

The ABC's of Touring competition isn't just for riders in the USA - South Africa is the perfect location for winners - not only do we have great riding weather throughout the year we have locations for all those impossible letters like Ximba, Yzerfontein and Zeerust.  Points are scored by following the alphabet visiting Towns, Cities, National Parks and Dealerships.  Sign up online via or contact your Chapter manager for further information.  

“Ja, ja!  It had to be done!”
Hermien Van Zyl on her participation in the ABC’s of Touring.

Hermien recalls her international 3rd place in the ABC’s of Touring 2015/2016;

"2015 was a great year, full of adventure and new beginnings.  I was just appointed the first female Director of H.O.G. Cape Town Chapter, a first for any woman in a Chapter in Africa.  This honour confirmed a long-standing dream to go places and attend every event, with the added bonus of meeting amazing people during my travels.

"Armed with the latest issue of H.O.G.® magazine tucked in my pannier, I was ready to discover places I have hardly heard of and to ride that extra few hundred kilometres just to get that illusive letter of the alphabet from Amersfoort to Zastron.  There was never a dull day on the road - and our Chapter Mascot travelled along to keep me company.  He made quite a name for himself!

"It surprises me that there are so few H.O.G.® members that participate annually.  It is great fun and instantly addictive.  Occasionally planning is needed with a booklet of postal codes or a map.  But the best part is that your are out riding somewhere, then out of the blue a road sign appears and you just have to turn left and follow the road.

"Once again in 2018, I am touring South Africa, roaming the roads on my way to complete yet another ABC of Touring.

  • Submission:  Hermien Van Zyl
  • Editor:  Angelique Dermit