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2017 H.O.G. Inter-Chapter Harley Games

  • National Event

What started out as a slow morning at the Harley-Davidson® Pretoria Dealership for the 2017 Inter Chapter Harley Games initiated by the Johannesburg chapter a year ago, turned into a massive celebration later that afternoon for H.O.G. Zambezi Chapter.

Upon arrival there was a feeling of static excitement in the air and nerves were frayed as that was the first official annual Harley Games in which Zambezi took part and Johannesburg Chapter a strong contender to reckon with.

Registration was quick; Zambezi entrants were not too sure what exactly they registered for but soon found out and in great team spirit endeavoured to participate in each event. After delicious breakfasts the minds and bodies were ready to tackle even the most difficult of courses laid out across the cobble stone parking area. Fun started with the Gymkhana event and almost everyone from Zambezi took part trying to beat the elusive fifty five second mark. Our Ladies Of Harley were soaking up the sun and depleting the R&R stock in Mozambique but the local members kept the Zambezi flag flying high.

Winners Standard Gymkhana Event

1st H.O.G. Clearwater – Karen-Louise Roux (Ladies Standard Gymkhana)
2nd H.O.G. Clearwater – Charlotte Davies (Ladies Standard Gymkhana)
3rd H.O.G. Zambezi - Teressa Steenkmap (Ladies Standard Gymkhana)
1st H.O.G. Zambezi - “Dawie” van der Linde (Men’s Standard Gymkhana)
2nd H.O.G. Zambezi - Rudolf Coetzee (Men’s Standard Gymkhana)
3rd H.O.G. Zambezi - Lance Middelmiss (Men’s Standard Gymkhana)

Winners Open – Advanced Gymkhana

1st H.O.G. Johannesburg – Garth Taylor
2nd H.O.G. Johannesburg – Myron Blassoples
3rd H.O.G. Johannesburg – Manny De Souza
From there it was onto the “Black Jack” and you have never seen so many poker faces. Pillion’s came in all
shapes and sizes and one H-D® Road King® had to carry a load in excess of 300kg.

Winners Black Jack Event:

1st H.O.G. Johannesburg - Bruce
2nd H.O.G. Zambezi - Dawie van der Linde & “The real Mrs. Smith” Liezel Smith
3rd H.O.G. Pretoria – Hanno De Beer

“Road Kill”; a truly challenging game where one had to try and to scoop up the teddies from the cobble stones, some riders with road kill experience under the belt just rode over the bears in desperation ensuring that they were completely “kaput’ and of no use for the following year.

Winners Road Kill Event:

1st H.O.G. Clearwater – Trevor Davies
2nd H.O.G. Clearwater - Myburgh Fourie
3rd H.O.G. Johannesburg – Duraan Conradie

Gees Award - Zambezi Chapter

There was no doubt that Zambezi was in the house providing full support; throughout the day the Zambezi roar could be heard followed by their even louder trademark HOGZA! Proudly the support of those Zambezi members in their high spirit won Zambezi the “Gees” award.

The final game of the day and most welcome under the African sun was the balloon and spike category where many competitors deliberately failed just to cool down. That was a nail-biter leaving two remaining Harley-Davidson® motorcycles in a sudden death set-up. Run after run they successfully completed the exercise and eventually competitors team Trevor Davies and team Manie Pretorius dropped their balloons crowning Dawie van der Linde and pillion Lance Middelmiss the winners.

Being so competitive and achieving multiple finishes during the games, Dawie van der Linde renamed as Danie on a few occasions was nonplussed by the many forms his name took, the stars sparkled in his eyes when honoured as “Rider of the Day”.

But you can only imagine the rejoicing and HOGZA cheers when H.O.G. Zambezi Chapter was announced as the wining Chapter for the 2017 Inter Chapter Harley Games.

Kudos to the Johannesburg Chapter for hosting such a great event and bringing all the Gauteng Chapters together for a day of fun with our fellow members and beloved Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

H.O.G. Zambezi Chapter extend their thanks to everyone who took part, supported and made the winning of the prestigious award possible.
Zambezi Chapter will be back next year to defend their title with tooth and nail or for better words – With Chrome and Thunder.

  • Article by: Michael Viljoen (H.O.G. Zambezi Chapter Director)
  • Editor: Angelique Dermit

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